Diagnostic Tests For MATH1003/1013/1115

The MATH1013 diagnostic is particularly relevant for people who may wish to take the Maths Bridging Course for students who want to take MATH1013, which in 2020 is being offered from 10th February to 19th February, in the weeks prior to the start of semester.

If you do not have the background for MATH1013, you should consider taking the bridging course, or a better option may be to delay taking MATH1013 within your degree and take MATH1003 first (warning: some students in double degrees might find they do not have space for MATH1003). Note that you are not meant to take any combination of MATH1003, MATH1013 and MATH1115 concurrently.

You can also contact the first year coordinator Griff griffith.ware@anu.edu.au for information.